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Customer List

Some of our satisfied customers and projects include

Cooktek, Inc. - machine work and prototype design
Creative Electronics Consultants - prototype design and PC boards
Crown International - Printed circuit board design
Digital Appliance Controls - appliance controller software
Eaton Corporation - PC board layout
Elpac USA - prototype solid-state wall thermostat
Emerson Appliance Controls - appliance controller software
Everbrite - X-ray inspection and competitive product analysis
Glenco - PC board design for RFID devices
Global NAPS - 8051 based security system
Huff Technologies - 8051 based engine timing monitor
Interim - VideoJet printer interface software (8051)
Molex Inc. - Software development for display controllers
Motorola, Inc. - I2C interface and test software for 8051 products
Motorola, Inc. - Competitive product analysis
Non Lethal Technologies - mechanical design and packaging
Pan Am Diversified - machine controllers using PIC microprocessors
Pan Am Diversified - Bottle trimming machines
Rayovac Corporation - battery chargers and controllers
Rayovac Corporation - PC board design and prototype production builds
Rick Miller and Associates - software design
Senco Products, Inc. Microprocessor controlled fastening tools (8051)
Spectrum Technologies - PIC software design, machine parts
Stewart Warner Electronics Division - PC layout and 8051 code
Minco - industrial instrumentation
Sytek Corporation - MIDI and PA422 controller software
Teradyne, Inc. - software design

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