C K Enterprises, Inc.

Electronic and Software Consulting

Since 1994 C K Enterprises has been solving problems in electrical
and software engineering. We have extensive experience in small embedded
solutions for appliance control, automation, small machines, and communications.
We also have experience in high voltage systems, control and servo systems, and
micro-power devices.

References are available upon request.

Visit our departments and see what we can do for you.

PADS and Protel schematic capture and PC board design
Embedded system and microcontroller design
Prototypes and small production runs
Mechanical and packaging design
Some of our satisfied customers

Let C K Enterprises help with your next high-tech project!

C K Enterprises, Inc.

2511 W. Creedy Road

Beloit, Wisconsin 53511

Phone (608) 361-0277

Email ckuecker@ckent.org

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